Diffusing for Kids

As parents, we give the best to our children, and now that we have discovered essential oils and its wondrous benefits to our health, we want the entire family to benefit from it, much more the kids!

We love it when our kids don't get sick, to not always rely so much on medicines and antibiotics whenever they get sick with the common colds and cough. While we use our ultrasonic diffusers at home, when the kids are out, you also want that they take the oils with them, protect them from unwanted insects, or boost their immunity when going to a public place, or even to give them focus on a special exam.

That's where our wearable diffusers for kids come in!

They are easy to put on, colorful and trendy and does what it needs to do - diffuse the oil blends wherever they go.

Have fun choosing! I'm sure your kids wil love it!