Bracelet Diffusers

Aromatherapy or essential oil diffuser bracelets makes it possible for you to enjoy aromatic benefits throughout the day, wherever you are, where plug-in diffusers cannot go.

It's so easy to DIY! For bracelet diffusers which has felt pads in the locket, just take out the felt pad, put in a few drops of your favorite oil blend, put back in the locket and you're free to diffuse all day, in-style!

Kids benefit the most, because they are very active, always out and about. You can let them bring roller bottles of oil blend to school or soccer practice, but there is a high chance they might forget putting it on, or worse, misplacing the entire bottle! (waah! precious liquid gold). Slap bracelet diffusers are the best solution. Fun and cute designs, available in every possible color your child can imagine.

Moms who like classy elegant designs have options here too. They are made of stainless steel grade metals and therefore safe to skin. We have lava stone material bracelets as well for those who prefer the porous clay material for them to put their oils in. (Note: No need to put oil for every single bead.)

So, go take your pick, happy stylish diffusing! #wearablediffusers