How To Wear Your Essential Oils

We love our oils for sure. But we don’t want to be seen sniffing our oil blends from a bottle, or from a tissue paper, or a cotton ball. It does not look fab at all! It does not do justice with the amount of benefits our body gets from being exposed to these wonderful oils.

We in EO Accessories want you to be looking really great and fashionable while sporting your oils. So here are the best products we have that will let you carry your oils with you conveniently and fashionably. 

Car Diffusers

Fighting off the allergy while listening to your favorite band inside your car? Take your oils into your car with these very classy car diffusers in different forms.

Tip: Use the stress-away blend and beat that traffic stress with essential oils!



Necklace Diffusers

Care for some Tassels? Or you like Teardrop pendant? Or classic Tree of Life?

Mix this energizer blend and carry it with you the whole day to be re-energized and ready for everything thrown your way. 3 drops grapefruit, 2 drops peppermint, and 1 drop spearmint.
A few compliments on your fashion ensemble with these classic necklaces will surely lift your spirits up.

Bracelet Diffusers

Wearing your oils over your wrists makes it easier for you to smell them at different times of the day. These lovely designs will surely complement your outfit and your mood.