5 Interesting Facts EO Enthusiasts Should Know

So, you have a collection of EO bottles.. mixed and created a blend here and there, felt better, felt healthier with your daily exposure to your spirit-lifting oils. So as you do a demo to your family this weekend what the fuss is on these essential oils, arm yourself with these 5 interesting facts about EOs. We expect you to add these to your show and tell. :)


  1. Essential oils are a plant’s essence. Distillation, compression and solvent extraction are the the processes used to get these from certain plants and flowers.

  2. They are a gift from nature and cannot be patented. Nope, big Pharma companies cannot have exclusive rights for essential oils.

  3. By now, you should know the difference among carrier oils, undiluted oils, ingestible oils. You should also know that these oils expire too. (Check our post on EO Storage to see the shelf life.)

  4. Massive amounts of plants are needed to produce EOs. The most precious and probably most expensive is the rose oil. 3,000 pounds of rose petals to distill just 1 pound of rose oil!

  5. They really work! (No need to expound on this, we will let you share your own testimonial).


Love, love love essential oils!!!